Dining in Leavenworth means "variety". From Italian, German, to Mexican you have your pick. Many of our chefs are European trained and award-winning ... and will make your visit to Leavenworth an unforgettable experience!

Leavenworth Restaurants.com is your insider's guide to enjoying the restaurants of Leavenworth "The Bavarian Village"! Plan your visit or private function with any of our restaurants who offer their menus and special values. Enjoy favorite recipes from our chefs. Also check our Special Offers page for dining deals.

LeavenworthRestaurants.com makes it easier for you to plan your dining experience ahead of time. Simply continue to our Restaurant Guide and chose your type of dining experience-- follow each restaurant's links at top right for their menu, location, dress code and hours of operation and more.




Dining at Cafe Mozart Restaurant has
long been a tradition for both locals and visitors to Leavenworth. The food, the service and the atmosphere combine to create an unmatched dining experience. Unlike many grand restaurants, which have only one central dining room, Cafe Mozart has 4 dining rooms, each of them with their own charm ... some of them tucked away in corners, designed for the most private and intimate dining.


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